2 = exciting, heady [headier -comp., headiest -sup.], stimulating, challenging, invigorating, nurturing, piquant, prodding, titillating, inspiring, refreshing, heart-warming.
Ex. Finally, I wish to thank all of the speakers, reactors, and attendees who made these institutes so memorable, exciting, and rewarding.
Ex. The heady integration scenario is that given a seemingly simple query the system would automatically expand the search beyond the capabilities of an inexperienced user.
Ex. Anyone using LC copy and the AACR is well aware of the stimulating challenges provided by superimposed headings.
Ex. Thus in an attentive reader literature is expansive, visionary, challenging, subversive, in the true and best sense.
Ex. The most rewarding part of being a reference administrator is in creating the opportunity for one's staff to perform work that they love in an invigorating pleasant environment.
Ex. All managers should be knowledgeable in strategies of good directing so that a productive and nurturing environment can be created.
Ex. The causes of this interest differ from one man to another; it may be the beautiful, the terrible, the awe-inspiring, the exhilarating, the pathetic, the comic, or the merely piquant.
Ex. From an avuncular interest to a more prodding, investigative, and evaluative role, the ALA has become the accrediting agency for library education.
Ex. Television shows foster titillating discussion topics and trivialize troubles.
Ex. Savage's greatest claim to the attention of present-day librarians is his inspiring and unwavering belief in the value of librarianship.
Ex. But there are outsiders whose presence in the classroom and refreshing unfamiliarity and enthusiasm for reading can help change the pace of everyday encounters between teacher and taught = Pero hay personas ajenas a la clase cuya presencia en el aula y su novedad y entusiasmo revitalizador por la lectura pueden contribuir a cambiar el ritmo del encuentro diario entre el profesor y los alumnos.
Ex. The recent rain has been a heart-warming sight but it doesn't mean the drought is over.
* poco estimulante = unexciting, uninspiring, unmoving.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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